Ashley Ann

Today I attended the open house at Ashley Ann’, a furniture shop for German kitchens, bathroom and bedrooms. In fact here’s a little video from their website!


Why German?

The word ‘German’ refers to the style of the kitchen (simple square lines) rather than the location where the furniture is manufactured. All suppliers of Ashley Ann are based in Scotland which allows you to have the furniture delivered within four weeks; few furniture makers will beat that.



In the Glasgow shop you will see several beautiful kitchen units on display, with a wide range of colours and materials used (laminate, concrete, glass and quartz).


Hidden treasure!

Don’t be fooled by the simple line style! There is a big selection of kitchen designs from traditional to ultra modern, with appliances on display or hidden within cabinets.

Timeless and robust!

But it is not just the style and variety of materials that caught my eye, also the good quality of the wood used to build the furniture, so strong that in 100 years the units will still be here. Also the technology used to build their units left me speechless and positively impressed with it.

Ashley Ann Furniture

Customer service

The team is their best asset, the Ashley Ann staff will not only show you their products, they take the measurements of the kitchen, design the whole kitchen and assemble it for you without any third party involvement.


Not just kitchens!

The Glasgow shop also has bathroom suites and a bedroom on display. A make-up room built into a wardrobe took my fancy! (see below)



Happy customer :)

I am very happy to have been invited to attend the open house and I am sure Ashley Ann will be become a household name in Glasgow.


Until next time, ciao!


Silvia x