If You Can’t Make it Bigger, Make it Beautiful

Kitchen Complete!


Benvenuti Amici!


I have decided to write this week’s post about a recent project I took on. This kitchen’s owner had become very bored of her dull and uninspiring kitchen which she found made cooking utterly unbearable.


Boring kitchen before (click photos to enlarge)


As you can see from these pictures below it was long, narrow and very uninspiring!  My client was looking for a room more welcoming, cosy and bright, but she didn’t know how. I couldn’t make the kitchen any bigger… so how could I make it prettier? This was going to take some thinking!



Beautiful new cupboard doors (click to enlarge)


We decided to keep the breakfast table and the two white and aluminium breakfast chairs, but made sure the drab brown cabinet doors were replaced with fresh, glistening white ones to harmonise the kitchen unit with the breakfast chairs.



We love a nice splashback!


Two gorgeous green domestic appliances and huge green clock got my attention and gave me the inspiration to include a bright and cheerful green splashback. The customer was very happy with the idea to have something bright in the kitchen and also the green suited the wooden kitchen items she had.



Pink to make the boys wink!


It was slightly more difficult to convince her to use gentle light pink, but I could see by the items she already had in the room that she really would like the colour so managed to convince her to try the pink on a wall, I’m sure you will agree what a beautiful result!!!


Blending in

When the walls, the kitchen unit and the splashback  were ready, the customer and I could enjoy working on the finishing touches.  Pretty green photo frames were hung on the baby pink walls and a cute pink microwave was placed near the green splashback  so that the  two main colours could be brought together, rather than looking like two separate block colours.


Finishing touches

A colourful cafetiere was bought for the breakfast table as an accent.


The outcome was a beautiful cosy bright cheerful and very feminine kitchen! (With a very proud interior designer to boot!).


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Until next time, ciao!

Silvia x