Interior Design on a Budget

Interior design on a budget


Benvenuti Amici!


Interior design and stylish homes are for rich people only!! Isn’t that the case? Well not at all!  I can assure you that everyone can decorate a house beautifully on a tiny budget and here’s how.


High Street Chains

Nowadays more and more people are aware of interior design and want beautiful houses, because of that many high street chains and big retailers like Tesco and Sainsbury (!!) provide you with amazing furniture, soft furniture, curtains, lighting and so on. That you can easily decorate your house without going bankrupt.

And let’s not forget the terrific British charity shops!!!! You could find the most beautiful original decorative objects there.


Questions you should ask

When you choose a lamp for instance think about:
• if you really like it (if you like calm and relaxing environment do not go for red),
• it is suitable for your requirements (if you have young children go for robust lamp, that won’t fall over them as soon as they touch it and easy to clean lamp)
• it suits the furniture of your living room, the colour blends well, rather than I cannot afford.


Where to buy

My favourite shop is Sainsburys.  The TU collections has a huge range of choice for kitchenware and bedroom and it can be cheaper than Ikea. Tesco is an excellent supplier of soft furniture cutlery, bedding and much more as long as you like vibrant colours.

B&Q has a wide selection of lighting to go crazy.

I like Next too although is more expensive than the above mentioned chains.

And if you really want to have something more top end of market, have a wonder at John Lewis, I have many times found chairs and lamps cheaper than Ikea.


Charity begins at home

If you are a patient person or not in hurry to decorate your house; I would recommend to have a look at charity and second hand shops. You might have to visit them in few occasions, but you can find wonderful objects. Charity and second hand shops are ideal for people who like eclectic style. Below there are few photos of items bought from charity shops that I used to decorate some rooms.



At the end of the day if Colin and Justin buy items at Primark and charity shops to decorate their customers’ house, why not you?


Until next time, Ciao!

Sylvia x