What We Do

When I work with customers my main aim is to understand their liking and their requirements. In order to achieve this I send to the customers a form with questions like favourite colours, materials they dislike and if they suffer from any physical conditions which have to be taken into account. Once I had a customer with chronic fatigue; because of that the furniture had to have a rounded shape and gentle colours were used.


After the form is sent back to me a visit to the customer’s house is arranged to meet the client, clarifying any points if needed, measurements are taken and room orientation written down.


If a home visit cannot be arranged I normally ask clients to send me photos of their home.
The first step of the design process is to prepare a mood board (see examples below) which includes suggestions of furniture, curtains, paint and so on. If possible, free samples will be provided.


A second meeting with customers at their homes or via phone is arranged to discuss the mood board, which will be amended according to their comments.


Then the revised mood board is discussed with the customers, their new comments will be included in a 3D drawing which is the final stage of the theoretical part of the design process.


The 3D drawing helps customers to realise what their house will look like, of course amendments can be still made.


At this stage the customers can start to redecorate their own houses and if requested we can provide traders.
Our collaboration with customers does not end here, we will keep in touch to check on progress, solving problems that might crop up.


Please give us a call to know more about Casa Colori.



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